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A Bag of Plagues

There have been many attempts to dramatize the plagues to keep children's attention during the seder. If you would like to put a plague bag together, here is a simple, young-child-friendly version that you can use with things you have at home and can get at a dollar store. The children can help with the assembly to familiarize them with this section.

They can be the ones to hold up and demonstrate each item. Here is a list of items to include for each plague. The list of explanations that follow it should also be included in your bag.

  1. Blood: put a few drops of red food dye in a small plastic cup. It will dry and produce red liquid when water is added
  2. Frogs: plastic frogs from dollar store
  3. Lice: little plastic bugs or spider confetti
  4. Flies/Wild Beasts: plastic, from dollar or novelty store
  5. Cattle: plastic farm animals
  6. Boils: bubble wrap
  7. Hail: small plastic, rubber or ping pong balls
  8. Locusts: plastic or metal clickers from novelty store
  9. Darkness: sun glasses
  10. Death of the First Born: Little plastic babies with a small piece of cloth

Included in this package are objects to represent each of the ten plaques God sent to Egypt. When you come to the part in your seder that names the plagues, remove the appropriate object and do the following:

  1. Blood: Remove the container of red dye. Add water, shake or stir and watch the water turn into "blood."
  2. Frogs: Remove your frogs and place them in front of you so that they are in your way. Imagine what it would be like to have thousands of frogs all around you. Make frog noises.
  3. Lice: Can you find all the white lice in your bag? They can make you itch and they are so small that they can hide anywhere.
  4. Flies/Wild Beasts: Remove your flies or beasts and put them on or near some food. Ugh! Did you know that they carry diseases?
  5. Cattle: Find your cattle (a cow, a sheep, a horse...). Lie it on its side in front of you. It is very sick! Imagine what would happen if all the cattle in our country got sick.
  6. Boils: Pop the bubbles on your bubble sheets. Imagine boils popping all over your skin. Gross!
  7. Hail: The high bounce balls represent hail. Imagine what would happen if the whole room were filled with bouncing "hail" balls.
  8. Locusts: Click your locust clickers over and over again. How annoying! And they eat everything in sight, too!
  9. Darkness: Put on your dark glasses and imagine what it would be like to be this dark day and night and day and night...!
  10. Death of the First Born: The most terrible plague of all was the slaying of the first born sons of all the Egyptians. Take out your little plastic baby and wrap it up safely in its blanket. He is safe. God protected the Jewish babies from this plague.

Now put your plagues back in their bag 'til next year!