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Closeup of an adult and a child holding hands

The day after the acts of terror and hate in Charlottesville, my friend and colleague Sara posted the following on Facebook:

Michelle Shapiro Abraham
Preteen boys playing basketball on an indoor court

When I became a Jewish summer camp professional in 1994, I lacked most of the skills and experience needed to do my job well. That’s not self-deprecation or false modesty. That’s a fact.

Aaron Selkow
Dark night full of stars above a campfire near a lake

I’m continually amazed by the way Jewish ritual has a way of lifting up everyday moments and making them holy here at Jewish summer camp.

Lisa David
Little girl with curly brown hair holding matzah up close to her face as if to break it

That Passover coincides with my sons’ school break is not a coincidence; the break also encompasses Easter, and, of course, teachers and families

Deborah Goldberg
Two little boys with flashlights reading in a blankey fort

From a new audio version of "Hanukkah Bear" — a holiday favorite by National Jewish Book Award winner Eric A.

Penny Schwartz (JTA)

I am a mother. No, wait – I am a Jewish mother. I am also a lot of other things, but being a Jewish mother defines me.

Jill Patir

One day on the playground, Julie pulled on Katie’s neck so hard that she began hysterically crying.

Emily Fox

I first met Eva in a Temple Tots program that my wife and I conducted at our Reform congregation in a small New England town. At that time, Eva was about 3 years old and living as a boy.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

In the wee hours of the night, my 6-year-old son creeps to my bedside and begins to cry.

Rabbi Sara Y. Sapadin

One of the most challenging parts of adulthood is the realization and acceptance that many of your friends, family members, and colleagues will make different decisions than you.

Rabbi Karen Perolman


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