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d'var Torah

Brass lock and key on wooden background

This week's Torah portion, Pinchas, includes the story of five sisters who came before Moses to chal

Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser
Joe Lichtenstein delivers d'var Torah at NFTY Convention

Between two massive thrusts of the history of the Jewish people, between Exodus and Sinai, stands a little old man named Jethro.

Joe Lichtenstein
A green leaf hidden in dark shadows

We danced,
My brother and I,
a twisted tango of love and hate.
He cast such shadows--
long and textured,
big enough to hide in.

Stacey Zisook Robinson

We raise Torah in joy
and dance with the memory of generations
who felt its weight upon their shoulders
and carry it forth for generations

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz

It began as many new relationships do: I was curious but tentative. How would this new entity fit into my life? Did I really need it?

Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein
The Torah: A Women's Commentary
Rabbi Jeremy Weisblatt

I think of my mother, Ann (Chana) of blessed memory, every day. As the yahrzeit (anniversary) of her death approaches, however, more and more, my thoughts focus on her.

Sharon Mann

A 30-year-old woman arrived in the emergency room, bleeding internally from an infection in her abdomen. She needed surgery – immediately.

Daniel Reisel

I think my dentist is mad at me.

Rabbi Leora Kaye


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