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Closeup of a hand holding a Haggadah and a glass of wine as at a Passover seder

Are you looking for a new Haggadah for this year’s Passover seder?

Marissa Solomon
Elementary school-aged girl wearing blue boxing gloves with hands above her head

When two colleagues and I created the Israeli Reform haggadah in 2009, we were well aware of the tension between the significant role of women in the

Rabbi Dalia Marx, Ph.D.
Seder plate that includes all the traditional elements

With its focus on freedom, Passover is a perfect time to incorporate modern-day social justice issues into the retelling o

Jane E. Herman
Child's finger following along with the Four Questions in a haggadah

The two stars of Passover most commonly are the seder and matzah.

April Baskin

Each year the ancient story of Passover is told through the Haggadah, "the telling" of the story.

Rabbi Victor S. Appell

If I invited you to do a Jewish program for Passover and asked you to please bring a mattress, a bottle of wine, and some

Rabbi Aryeh Ben David

It is perhaps fitting that in the United States, where Jews have found unprecedented freedom, Passover is the one holiday

Dr. Frederic Krome

As we approach the celebration of Passover this year, a new resource and opportunity to experience the timeless meaning of our Festival of Freedom will be available for American Reform Jews.

Rabbi Howard A. Berman

Mah nishtanah? The familiar words echo through my mind, and yet, for me, they now ask a new question: Mah nishtanah, why is my Passover different from all other Passovers?

By Erin Goldstein

Reform Judaism's deep commitment to outreach and inclusion, both of Jews–by–choice and interfaith and multi–cultural families, is a core value rooted in the historic development of our Movement.

Rabbi Howard A. Berman


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