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Interfaith Family

Seder table set with slightly nontraditional seder plate items as explained in this essay

When Passover arrived last year, I was nowhere near ready.

Kate Bigam
Two couples smiling into the camera while wearing green St Patricks Day attire

My dad died when I was 10, both of his parents already long gone before him. He left behind one sister, my aunt, but I haven’t seen her since I was 13.

Kate Bigam
Closeup of a pinecone wreath with berries

For the first time, I have placed a wreath on the front door of my home on the island of North Haven, Maine. I bid for it at the PTO auction.

Courtney Naliboff

The inscription inside the kippot (head coverings) shared on my wedding day read, "September 2, 2016, Marriage of Michael and MacDara."

Michael Bannett

My son has a very ordinary-for-his-age obsession with stuffed animals. Little (and some not-so-little) animals have been placed lovingly in every corner of his room.

Janine Snyder

"You know, I was never Christian. I was born Jewish."

Kimberly Burnham

Passover is full of flavors: the bitter herbs, the juicy charoset, the crunchy matzah. But what about spicy?

Helen Kim and Noah Leavitt

The events of my son’s bar mitzvah day don't begin to tell the story of how Max arrived at that moment.

Dean Asofsky


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