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Jewish living

Man wearing a straw hat standing on the edge of a Bienos Aires marina looking at the boats

America and Israel loom large in the contemporary Jewish world.

Andy Kahn
Aerial view of a large spread of Israeli food from Cafe Landwer on a wooden table

Take a break from the many serious headlines that fill today's news sites and enjoy some lighter fare. Here are a few of our curent favorite Jewish stories:

Kate Bigam
Collage of two photos includes one of a smiling man marching in a pride parade with a Shaar Zahav banner behind him and the other photo shows the same man with his husband as they both wear rainbow Star of David shirts

“It’s not as much fun being gay;
It’s now the American way.
What was edgy and cool
Is really old-school
When everyone thinks we’re OK.”

Eddie Reynolds
A family of three smiling women and one man stand together in front of a stone wall

What does it mean to be part of a global Jewish community? For many of us, the concept can be difficult to truly grasp.

Sharon Mann
Jewish Christian and Muslim symbols in black against a light blue background

How much do you know about religion in the U.S.?

Kate Bigam
Map of US and Mexico with a pushpin at the border

"Walking on holy ground," that’s what Pastor Rosemary Sanchez-Guzman called it. She wasn’t speaking about the physical act of walking.

Rabbi Andrea London
red knit kippah lying atop a blue and white fringed prayer shawl

I attended a high-pressure college, and a combination of physical illness and depression nearly compelled me to drop out in my senior year.

Sacha Mankins
Shot from the back of a crowded room showing a number of Jewish attendees wearing prayer shawls and head coverings with their arms around one another as they face the stage

Settling into my seat in the quiet car, I sighed as the train pulled out of Union Station.

Helene Cohen Bludman
View from an airplane window with the planes tail end and clouds in a sunset

In May 1967, I was 16 years old, eagerly anticipating leaving for Israel in July for my semester abroad with NFTY-EIE (now URJ Heller High).

Karen Lipschutz Goodis


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