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Prayers and Blessings

woman with a yellow lab dog on a dock at sunset

A congregant asked me recently how I am managing.

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat
Canadian and American flags flying; blue sky and white clouds in the background

In the U.S. and Canada, Independence Day is almost upon us!

Rabbi Lance J. Sussman, Ph.D.
Leadership spelled out in cubes with letters on them

In this week’s Torah portion, parashat Korach, Moses and Aaron face a rebellion.

Alden Solovy
Row of Israeli flags against background of blue sky and clouds

Only in Israel and nowhere else is the injunction to remember felt as a religious imperative to an entire people.
-- Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
Two people's hands cradling a heart

My encounter with Karen Onesti was just as unexpected as that of our forefather, young Joseph, who, wandering in a field, suddenly meets a “man” (an angel?), who just happens to know exactly where

Rabbi Andrew Bossov
Bridge over river in London

Author of life,
Grant peace and consolation
To the victims and the injured
After the attack at Westminster,
Where the heart of a democratic nation was attacked

Alden Solovy
man watching sunrise at dawn

After dawn but before sunrise, when the birds begin to sing in harmony, I pick up my small Moleskine notebook to write prayers.

Alden Solovy
The White House on a sunny day

Our Torah understands that the need for peace and prosperity transcend politics. No matter who’s in power, Torah takes an activist view of prayer and government.

Alden Solovy
Scrabble tiles spelling out the word THANKS

Thanksgiving is not merely a day of feasting but a duty of faith.

Yesterday we gathered for a bountiful Thanksgiving Dinner.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter
Thanksgiving meal

My father, of blessed memory, used to tell wonderful stories about the Thanksgiving celebrations of his childhood.

Rabbi Anthony Fratello


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