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Collage of about a dozen brunch foods as listed in the blog post

The crickets sound louder each night, a wistful reminder that summer days are dwindling.

Deborah Rood Goldman
Closeup of three hands holding lit sparklers against the backdrop of an American flag

Fire up the grill, Independence Day is coming! Add a little bit of Jewish flavor to your American celebration with one of these original, Jewish-inspired recipes from

Deborah Rood Goldman
Overhead view of hollandaise sauce and whisk in a pot

It’s often difficult to be funny in print, but reading the opening of Peter Gethers’ newest book, My Mother’s

Deborah Rood Goldman

In a recent Facebook Live event, food editor Tina Wasserman showed us how to make her famous Passo

Kate Bigam
Plank of salmon garnished with peppercorns lemon slices and herbs

I love serving light foods that are naturally kosher for Passover.

Megan Wolf (JTA)
Collage of Purim foods

Purim is coming!

Marissa Solomon
Collage of Tu BiShvat foods including mandelbrot chicken fesenjan and mushroom barley soup

On the Jewish holiday Tu BiSh’vat, it’s customary to celebrate by eating fruits and nuts that grow on trees in Israel.

Marissa Solomon
Collage of Hanukkah foods including latkes and truffled gelt

If you’re looking for some delicious, oil-filled recipes for your Hanukkah celebration this year, look no further.

Marissa Solomon
close-up of latkes

Latkes (potato pancakes) are the quintessential culinary treat of Hanukkah.

Cantor Deborrah Cannizzaro

Strictly speaking, Thanksgiving isn’t a Jewish holiday, but there are lots of ways to infuse your celebration

Marissa Solomon


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