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When I had my bar mitzvah two years ago, my parents wrote an inspiring message in the back of my prayer book, stressing the importance of remembering my Jewish roots and carrying on traditions impo

Andy Lebowitz
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Long ago in Persia, before tweets and 24-hour news cycles, a royal vizier named Haman had the ear of King Achashverosh, a foolish and malleable man.

Deborah Rood Goldman

My wife and I found our seats just as Rosh HaShanah services were about to begin, preparing ourselves to engage in worship.

Larry Glickman

Maybe you’ve noticed: The High Holidays are kind of a big deal to the Jewish people. They’re a time to dig really deep and consider our actions over the past year: What kind of person was I?

Rabbi Ilyse Glickman

As the High Holidays approach, we’ll soon start to see what has become an annual tradition — umbrella t’shuvah (repentance), most often offered on Facebook.

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg

On June 6, the Anti-Defamation League

Jacob Kraus

I think my dentist is mad at me.

Rabbi Leora Kaye

Twenty-first century synagogues and organizations seeking to engage the next generation of Jewish leaders can learn a lot from the early Zionists.

Cantor Lauren Phillips

When someone asked a friend of mine what his daughter enjoys most about living in Israel, he explained that she loves the way the country’s secular rhythms synch seamlessly with religious time in a

Jane E. Herman

Someone new recently joined my weekly atheist meet-up group, so the subject came up again: What was your former religion? When and why did you stop believing?

Mindy Leaf


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