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Two smiling dark haired male police officers are the two Druze policemen who were killed in a terrorist attack near the Temple Mount

Today, on a beautiful Jerusalem morning — two Druze policemen, Haiel Sitawe, 30, and Kamil Shnaan, 22 — were slain during a

Alden Solovy

Leon Klinghoffer’s claim to fame would have been his invention of the Roto-Broil Rotisserie Oven had he and his wife, Marilyn, not taken an ill-fated Mediterranean cruise to celebrate their 36

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

Had the attack happened two weeks ago, I would have jumped out of my chair, thrown my laptop and camera in my bag, grabbed two pens and run across the street — straight to the scene of the shooting

Ben Sales (JTA)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Brussels in the wake of today’s terrorist attacks.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter

The Probst of the Lutheran Churches of Bad Segeberg, Dr. Daniel Havemann, has been incredibly gracious, kind, and welcoming to my wife and me during our visit to Germany.

Rabbi Stephen Lewish Fuchs

This is a prayer of solidarity and healing after Friday night’s terror attack in Paris.

Alden Solovy
A Prayer for Peace in Paris

Source of all being,
May peace come swiftly to the people of Paris.
May the hostages be comforted,
May the wounded be healed,
May the mourners be consoled.

Rabbi Victor Appell

It’s not often I can draw from a Saturday Night Live skit to help teach my students a lesson at Atlanta’s Davis Academy, where I am an educator.

Sara Beth Berman

Growing up as a Reform Jew in a liberal, socially active environment in Southern California, I always felt that capital punishment and the death penalty were morally wrong and never the right respo

Natalie Landau

The wait, over.

Alden Solovy


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