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Man wearing a straw hat standing on the edge of a Bienos Aires marina looking at the boats

America and Israel loom large in the contemporary Jewish world.

Andy Kahn
A family of three smiling women and one man stand together in front of a stone wall

What does it mean to be part of a global Jewish community? For many of us, the concept can be difficult to truly grasp.

Sharon Mann
sunset over the Mediterranean with Jaffa in the background

Watching the fiery sun sink quickly into the Mediterranean makes the 10,000-mile journey worthwhile. I have seen few sights as beautiful. I am not here often, but each time is a homecoming.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Directional signs in Old Havana Cuba, including one to a synagogue

In early January, I joined 25 congregants, friends, and clergy on a Jewish mission to Cuba.

Bethanne Knapp
Back of a womans head as she gazes at the Washington Monument

God Who Blessed our Mothers: Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel and our Fathers: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; God who delivered our ancestors during difficult times, guided them on perilous journeys, co

Rabbi David Wirtschafter

The inscription inside the kippot (head coverings) shared on my wedding day read, "September 2, 2016, Marriage of Michael and MacDara."

Michael Bannett

You may have heard of Birthright Israel – the free, 10-day trip to Israel for young adults.

Rebecca Bigman

It was a straightforward question, spoken in a tone that was casual but knowing: “Did it change you?” he asked us.

Kate Bigam

In December of 2011, on my way to teach at a Jewish learning conference in England, I took a side trip to Prague for an encounter with the Jewish community that has existed through intermittent per

Tina Wasserman

The new film Demon plays on the Jewish folktale of the dybbuk, an evil spirit that possesses a living person, often during a wedding, when the bride and groom are particularly vul

Aron Hirt-Manheimer


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