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Women Leaders

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This week's Torah portion, Pinchas, includes the story of five sisters who came before Moses to chal

Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser
Five women, seen from behind, arms raised and holding hands

In the period of wandering between the Exodus from Egypt and the entrance into the Promised Land, Moses is instructed many times to count the Israelites.

Sarah Greenberg
Smiling women of all ages and ethnicities wearing brightly colored clothing and standing in a line against a white brick wall

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued a Presidential Proclamation recognizing one week in March as National Women’s History Week.

Maya Weinstein
Black and white image of marchers holding a sign that reads WOMEN OF THE WORLD UNITE

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and also to commit to

Kate Bigam
Two girls jumping in the air on the beach

In the fourth grade, I told my town’s then-mayor about my plans for when I grew up: “I want to be chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Zoe Terner

Inspired by Kwanzaa, a festival celebrated by many African Americans in which each day of the holiday (from December 26 – January 1) is dedicated to a different core principle, my family and I dedi

Amy Soule

Nearly 40 years ago, I stood on the bimah as a bat mitzvah, the first young woman in my family to celebrate my Jewish coming of age. Its significance was totally lost on me, however.

Abigail Fisher

Passover will soon be here, and sociologists tell us that more Jews will participate in some form of Passover seder than will participat

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Moses in a reed basket

It’s a recurring biblical pattern: Time and again, it’s the woman who “gets it” and the man who does not.

There is much we can learn from these women, starting with Eve.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
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