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Save Your Breath! Protect Wind Energy

Save Your Breath! Protect Wind Energy

On January 1st 2013, it will become significantly more expensive for energy producers to invest in wind energy, along with other renewable energy sources. While we have mainly been focusing on the ways in which the “fiscal slope” that our economy is set roll down at the end of the month will effect the most vulnerable in our society, we can also expect that the Production Tax Credits (PTC) for renewable energy sources will expire if Congress fails to reach an agreement by the new year. In anticipation of the worst-case scenario, the energy industry has been slowing its investments in wind energy, among other things, until they know the fate of the tax credit.

The Coalition for the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) and the RAC are organizing Jews across the country to tell their Representatives and Senators to support the continuation of the Production Tax Credit and, thus, further the adoption of renewable energy. Please take a minute to send a note to your congressperson and senators encouraging them to support the Production Tax Credit.

Let’s not throw the renewable energy industry off the fiscal cliff in hopes it will somehow fly.

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Published: 12/11/2012

Categories: Social Justice, Advocacy, Environment
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