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Closeup of a droplet hitting a surface of water and splashing up while reflecting down

As the Hebrew month of Av begins, Jews become starkly aware that Rosh HaShanah, the new Jewish year arrives in two months... and they’re two months that will pass quickly. It is time to get ready.

In just another week, we commemorate Tishah B’Av, the Ninth of Av, a day Jews commemorate as the anniversary of the destruction of both the first temple in 586 BCE by the Babylonians and the Second in 70 CE by the Romans. In addition, many other...

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Anat Hoffman surrounded by other women at the Kotel (Western Wall)

Anat Hoffman is executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center, the legal and advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel and co-founder and chair of Women of the Wall, which has been advocating for women’s rights at the Western Wall in Jerusalem since 1988. I caught up with Anat during one of her speaking tours in the U.S.

How did you become such a fighter for social justice?

My drive goes back to my childhood. When I was nine, a swimming team coach from Tel Aviv...

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In a still from Game of Thrones Ser Jaime Lannister played by actor Nikolaj Coster Waldau holds up a silver goblet as in a toast

Ever since its sixth season ended a little over a year ago, viewers have been sitting at the edge of our couches, remotes in hand, poised to tune into the next season of the astoundingly popular Game of Thrones. Now that season seven is underway, fans like me and the nearly 23 million Americans who reportedly consumed the hit series last year can do just that.

Similarly, each Shabbat, I anxiously await hearing and reading the next...

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winding mountain road on a sunny day

In Parashat Mas’ei, the last reading of the Book of Numbers, which we read last week, Jewish text examines and exalts the importance of journey. In this parashah, the Israelites are concluding their expedition to the Promised Land – but, instead of bringing them straight through to their destination, the text spends 46 lines reviewing the stops our ancestors made along the way. Interestingly, these locations are not described as the ending places of shorter pieces of the trip, but as the starting points...

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Colored pencils placed in a way such that their tips create negative space in the shape of a heart

As I skimmed headlines on the Israel new sites I check daily, I saw many of the same topics that have filled this space for the past few weeks. I ran through the list in my head: Kotel? Check. Conversion bill? Check. Blacklist of Diaspora rabbis? Check.

Opposition to gay adoption?! My stomach dropped.

I am immediately pulled back to the summer of 2015, tears streaming down my face as news returns of the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in the US. I think of close friends in same-sex relationships posting pictures of the day they brought new bundles of joy back...

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