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Reform Jews March for Women's Rights: A Social Media Round-Up

Reform Jews March for Women's Rights: A Social Media Round-Up

Asian woman in a pink knit hat wearing a button that reads MARCH PROUDLY

On Saturday, January 21st, Reform Jews joined marches for women's rights in all 50 states & cities around the world. Before the main march in Washington, D.C., the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) hosted "Nosh, Pray, March," as a means of welcoming and supporting members of our Reform Movement who participated in the day's events. (The program reflected our commitment to women’s rights and social justice and was not an endorsement of the march itself). Art the same time, similar events took place all around the world, flooding social media with views of marches and support of women's rights. Here's just a small sampling of what our Reform participants and leaders had to say online that day.

To learn more about the Reform Jewish view on women's equality, including how to contact your members of Congress about specific topics, visit the RAC's women's rights page.

Kate Bigam is the social media and community manager for the Union for Reform Judaism, serving as a content manager and editor for She is a proud alumna of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism’s Eisendrath Legislative Assistant fellowship and also served as the RAC's press secretary. A native Ohioan, Kate grew up at Temple Beth Shalom in Hudson, OH, and holds a degree in magazine journalism from Kent State University. She and her fiancé live in Cleveland.

Kate Bigam
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