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5 Light-Hearted Jewish Headlines to Read This Week

5 Light-Hearted Jewish Headlines to Read This Week

89 year old Elly Gotz wears a skydiving suit and holds a certificate bearing his name after he jumped out of a plane

What are you reading this week? In no particular order, here are a few of the recent headlines that have caught my attention - without stressing me out, as the news so often does!

  1. Lithuanian Jew Elly Gotz weighed just 70 lbs. when, at age 17, he was liberated from a Nazi work camp in Dachau, Germany. Now 89 years old and living in Canada, Gotz recently celebrated his adopted country’s 150th birthday… by skydiving for the very first time. “I like adventure,” Gotz explained. “It’s fun!” – thought he assured the Toronto Star that he made sure to secure his dentures for the big jump.
  2. Lisa Gross, a Jewish-American woman of Korean and Hungarian descent, founded The League of Kitchens, a New York-based business that offers cooking workshops taught by immigrant cooks. Gross, who tells JTA about growing up “moving between two cultures,” hopes her workshops provide a way to bust preconceived notions about immigrants.
  3. If you grew up loving Eloise, “the irrepressible and obnoxious resident of New York’s famed Plaza Hotel,” you’ll enjoy this list from The Forward of things you didn’t know about the character’s Jewish roots (including the fact she was created by Kay Thompson, daughter of a Jewish immigrant). Eloise is the focus of an exhibit at the New York Historical Society, aptly and adorably titled “Eloise at the Museum."
  4. Instagram star Adina Mills, known online as New York’’s “Flatbush Girl,” is making waves and raising eyebrows within the Orthodox community after using emojis, of all things, to call attention to what she sees as an offensive practice among Orthodox media: Her local Haredi paper printed a photo of her but refused to show her face or even use the word “girl.”
  5. If you grew up in the 1960s, you surely remember 1967’s Summer of Love, when sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll reigned supreme. The Jewish News of Northern California explains how that summer impacted the local Jewish community, in particular: “[I]nstead of getting high on free love and pot and LSD, let’s get high on traditional Jewish practice.” Certainly healthier, right?!

Comment below to share your feedback on any of these stories and let us know what else you’re reading this week.

Kate Bigam is the social media and community manager for the Union for Reform Judaism, serving as a content manager and editor for She is a proud alumna of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism’s Eisendrath Legislative Assistant fellowship and also served as the RAC's press secretary. A native Ohioan, Kate grew up at Temple Beth Shalom in Hudson, OH, and holds a degree in magazine journalism from Kent State University. She and her fiancé live in Cleveland.

Kate Bigam

Published: 7/11/2017

Categories: Jewish Life, Arts & Culture, Food and Recipes
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