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Cantor Jacqueline L. Marx


kids in white shirts viewed from the back

Author Helen Fine’s 1961 At Camp Kee Tov takes (mostly) young readers to an eponymous summer camp much like any of the Reform community’s summer camps, except that its name changes annually, thanks to a contest open to all its campers. Twins Marsha and Michael Ross, camp first-timers, submit the winning name, Kee Tov, at the beginning of the summer. They chose the name from the first chapter of Genesis, in which, as God completes various stages of the world’s creation, we read several times, “va-yar Elohim kee tov” (“and God saw that it was it good”).

The twins’ victory is heralded...

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“After these things, the word of the Eternal came to Abram in a vision, saying, ‘Have no fear, Abram; I am giving you an abundant reward as a gift.’ Abram then replied, ‘Eternal God, what can You give me, when I am going [to die] childless, and the heir to my household is Damascene Eliezer?’ Abram added, ‘Look, to me You have given no offspring, and one of my slaves [Eliezer] is my heir!’ But the Eternal One’s word to him was, ‘That one shall not be your heir; rather, one who comes from your own body – he shall be your heir!’” 

Genesis 15:1-4

Eloheinu v’Elohei avoteinu v’...

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