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Rabbi Denise L. Eger


woman holding small child wearing a yarmulke in her lap during worship services

Engaging with a synagogue community can be enriching and rewarding. No matter what draws you in – worship, music, relationships, learning, or something else – a spiritual home is a place like none other. Whether you’re a member or a visitor, familiarity with synagogue etiquette will help you get the most from your experience. Here are seven points of etiquette to keep in mind.

Skullcaps and Prayer Shawls: It is customary – but not required – to wear a skullcap (kippah in Hebrew; yarmulke in Yiddish) as a sign of respect in the sanctuary, even if you don’t wear one in your day-to-day... Read More

It has been a difficult time in Israel. I have been here in Eretz Yisrael for more than a week now, arriving just before they found the bodies of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali. I was with several colleagues when the news of the discovery of their bodies came over the news, and it was a palpable moment that took our breath away.

Israel went into mourning. Jews from the right or left cried with their families. I was surprised how few cars were out in the streets. I was glued to watching the funeral and crying, too - and then, in the midst of mourning, a young...

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This Passover, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will hear two cases that have enormous impact on equality and liberty in our country. On the first two days of Pesach, oral arguments in California's Prop 8 case and the Defense of Marriage Act case will be heard. Each of these cases is pivotal in the journey of gay men and lesbians toward full inclusion and equality in our country.

The Prop 8 case will be heard on the first morning of Passover. The Proposition 8 case has been taken up by David Boies and Ted Olsen at the behest of the American Foundation for Equal...

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