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Rabbi Michael Adam Latz


Father and young childen facing the ocean with their feet in the water

For the dads up to their elbows in poopy diapers and the dads whose kisses cover every owie and always know where the bandaids are and make certain the fridge is stocked with ice cream

And for the dads who weep because their children are too old to be tucked in and the dads whose wisdom shapes our hearts and the dads who raised our spirits when we wept and the dads who held us as we sobbed broken hearted and the dads who wiped our noses 

For the dads who inspired us to stand up for what is right and speak out clearly for justice And for the dads who showed us our strength...

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We raise Torah in joy and dance with the memory of generations who felt its weight upon their shoulders and carry it forth for generations yet to be touched by its Divine grace.

As we dance with joy, May we soak in the holy message at the heart of the scroll: To love our neighbors as ourselves.

In a world where evil tongues have become swords that pierce the soul of our communities, let Torah’s holy message dance forth from our sanctuary and our hearts:

To live with compassion for humanity and all God’s creation. To live as citizens with the blessing and...

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Matzah, including crumbs and broken pieces

When you break the bread of affliction And the crumbs make a mess Pray for those with addiction And those who live with less.

When the matzah snaps in two or three Pause and acknowledge Those not free Our sisters and brothers who sacrifice for thee.

When the dry cracker smacks your lips And your tongue is dry Recall those who came to these shores by ship— Those walked, wandered, and sough to fly.

As you chew the bread of grief and sorrow And you feel the desert upon your tongue Hold close those who work for a better tomorrow, Who seek a better world for both old and...

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new plants in soil

We who have become cynical, Hard shelled, Whom life has raised its tough first Of despair and Disappointment and heartache And grief, We who have learned to protect our souls And toughen our hearts To avoid more anguish To stop the flow of tears To compose ourselves in the face of relentless public expectation; We who move through the world With cautious numbness Determined to succeed and Keep moving Because others depend upon us— Our steely fortitude, Our wise intellect, Our skills to build or create or simply “get stuff done….”

It is precisely for each of us This holy day of Tu...

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We pray to you Creator of the Universe, who causes the winds to blow and the seas to rage…

For the weary and the heart shattered refugees escaping violence and bloodshed and war

Who step into raging waters with an impossible prayer it is safer than the ground on which they stand clasping the hands of their children desperate for life without the horror of bombs and bloodshed and rape.

We build our sukkah— Tall enough to stand underneath Wide enough to fit a table to eat and to feast and to gaze up and see the stars. Protected. Stable. Portable. Enduring.


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