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Rabbi Fred Guttman and Rabbi Lucy Dinner wearing Jewish prayer shawls while marching in a rally

There’s been a very interesting debate among rabbis recently concerning the issue of politics on the pulpit.

One side, Rabbi David Wolpe argues that politics, in any form, have no place on the pulpit. The other side of the debate, articulated by Rabbi Rick Jacobs, says it’s rabbis’ moral imperative to speak out against injustice, regardless whether its source originates in the political or...

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Man wearing a straw hat standing on the edge of a Bienos Aires marina looking at the boats

America and Israel loom large in the contemporary Jewish world. Conversations about global Judaism tend to focus on one or the other, or the connection between the two, but rarely touch on the other thriving, vibrant Jewish communities around the globe. If the Northeast Corridor is modern day Babylon, and Jerusalem is, well, modern-day Jerusalem, what of the rest of the Jewish world? What of the Jews of my hometown Tacoma, WA, or the Jews of Wellington, New Zealand?

Thanks to a generous program put together by the Joint Distribution Committee, I...

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Walkway and benches at Moshav Shorashim in the Galilee region of northern Israel

A Note from Rabbi Rick Jacobs: For nearly two decades, the Union for Reform Judaism has been privileged to offer readers Rabbi Marc Rosenstein’s Reform reflections on life in the Galilee, Israel-Diaspora relations, and more. As part of his move into full retirement, Rabbi Rosenstein is stepping down as one of our writers and this is his last regular contribution to, although he may, if he is inclined to do so, write occasionally in the future. We are extremely grateful for the hundreds of engaging, thought-provoking essays he has shared with us and we look forward to...

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Aerial view of a large spread of Israeli food from Cafe Landwer on a wooden table

Take a break from the many serious headlines that fill today's news sites and enjoy some lighter fare. Here are a few of our curent favorite Jewish stories:

  1. CNN reports, “A rabbi, a reverend and an imam have a plan for peace in middle America.” Though the headline sounds like a punchline, this story of a tri-interfaith collaboration in Omaha, NE, is no joke. Now, how can we get the rest of the world on board?
  2. In other interfaith news, today Pope Francis made an historic...
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pastrami sandwich on rye on a plate

And the priest is to turn the whole into smoke on the altar as a burnt offering, an offering by fire of pleasing odor to the Eternal. -- Leviticus 1:9

There is one smell that always takes me home: Montreal smoked meat. Smoky, salty, peppered, and spicy, the caramelized exterior of the marbled charcuterie draws me in like nothing else – the ultimate taste of heavenly comfort.

Because we moved to Toronto when I was young, my memories of life there are few. Nonetheless, we were always Montrealers and the city was a beacon to my family in the same way that Ahad Ha’am saw...

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