Rosh HaShanah Recipes

Rosh HaShanah Recipes

Rosh HaShanah Recipes

Apples and Honey, foods that are integral to the customs and rituals of the Jewish holiday of Rosh HaShanah

Rosh HaShanah Recipes

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  • Sally's daughter Rita writes, "My late mother, Sally Rosenkranz, who was from Radom, Poland, lost her mother in the Holocaust."

  • Watch Tina Wasserman demonstrate and give tips on how to make a delicious brisket, for Rosh HaShanah or any special meal.




  • Entertain your Rosh HaShanah guests while enjoying the traditional holiday nosh of apples, honey, and pomegranate seeds in a new way.

  • For a fun Rosh HaShanah treat, try these jello shots with, vodka, honey-flavored whiskey, or without alcohol. You can make the cute apple wedges as described below, or simply in small plastic shot cups, garnished with a slice of apple and pomegranate seeds.

  • This ricotta cheese-filled honey pie is perfect to serve on both Shavuot and Rosh HaShanah. But most of all, it is a reminder of the Jewish community in Greece. Enjoy!