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Teaching our kids to assume responsibilities around the house sure can be challenging. Often, it seems so much easier just to do it ourselves – after all, it’ll be done faster and done correctly. When we do, though, we pay a high price: We become overloaded, stressed, and tense, and our kids are deprived of a valuable, character-building learning opportunity.

These five guidelines are all useful in helping children confront any troublesome situation.

Use this guide to explain to your young child the customs associated with the Jewish holiday of Rosh HaShanah

Try making these mini-prayer tents with your children to help them develop a spiritual bedtime ritual.

Try this fun, educational, and reflective Shabbat activity with your family!

Visiting the sick (bikur cholim) is an important mitzvah (commandment) in Judaism, but preparing kids in advance is crucial. 

Use this family-friendly telling of the story of Shavuot to help your children understand the history and meanings of the holiday.

Judaism and Islam stem from the same foundational idea that we are the Children of Abraham, descendants of our common patriarchs and matriarchs. Although both Judaism and Islam have many different interpretations of their core teachings, there are a few common values that are held by both religions: that we are all "People of the Book," and Islam is a continuation of Abraham's monotheistic faith; and that peaceful co-existence comes from honoring one another and one God.

The Broader Issue

Israel’s system of government is based on parliamentary democracy, and in practice operated under secular law. Additionally, each of the major religious communities (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc) has their own religious court that maintains jurisdiction of religious practices.


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