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Passover Family Activities

How much do you know about Passover dietary customs? Take this quiz to find out, and share the results with your friends!

How much do you know about Passover? Take this quiz to find out, and share the results with your friends!

Our tradition teaches us that the Passover Seder is meant to be a learning experience for children of all ages, from 1 - 100. Our questions are more important that the answers. As you prepare to sit around the Seder table, we’d like to offer you some additional questions to help connect the past, present, and future of our Passover traditions.

The Chocolate Seder is not intended to replace your family’s seder, but rather it is a “practice run,” a family activity designed to acquaint children with the order, songs, and customs of the seder before the fact.

Make story and snuggle time Jewish time: read a Jewish book with your child! Read this review of The Passover Lamb for great ideas on how to engage your child.

The holiday of Passover hasn't inspired quite as many popular film retellings as Hanukkah, but that certainly doesn't mean there are no good flicks to choose from. This Passover, check your local TV listings for some of these favorites from the staff of the Union for Reform Judaism. Tell us in the comments section: What's your favorite Passover movie?

Here’s an idea to help you extend your creativity into your family's Passover seder. 

Somewhere during the course of your Passover seder this year, ask one of these questions and see how your fellow attendees respond.

Passover, one of the most widely-celebrated Jewish holidays, commemorates the ancient Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt during the spring month of Nisan.


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