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Shavuot family activities

What is Shavuot? A Cheesy Holiday for Jewish Learning

Shavuot, the cheesiest holiday that many folks haven’t heard of, celebrates God giving the Torah to the people at Mount Sinai. Watch this video to learn more about what this holiday was originally intended to celebrate, how the giving of the Torah wasn’t such a smooth process, and why many Jews celebrate Shavuot by pulling an all-nighter.


Use this family-friendly telling of the story of Shavuot to help your children understand the history and meanings of the holiday.

At the end of the Passover story The Greatest Escape, we left the Israelites celebrating their escape from slavery in Egypt. What happened next? Where did they go?

As Shavuot approaches, Sarah, Max and their five children begin to save money to purchase the ingredients for Sarah’s fabulous blintzes, so they can make a mountain of blintzes as big as Mount Sinai! Mother, father and the children each try to bring something to the table to make the blintzes.

Together with your children, watch these Shalom Sesame videos to learn about Shavuot and celebrating the Torah. Then try some of the discussion ideas and activities recommended by Reform Jewish educators to further extend the lessons learned in the videos.

To dramatize the story of the Book of Ruth, you can make Naomi, Ruth and Boaz spoon puppets.

A fun activity to celebrate the writings of the Torah.

There is a legend that teaches that the Israelites found Mount Sinai blooming and lush with greenery and flowers. As a result, many people decorate their homes with garlands and baskets of flowers for Shavuot. Try your hand at making some Shavuot decorations, as well as other activities.

It is a tradition to stay up all night and study Torah on Shavuot. In honor of this custom, have a Shavuot-themed slumber party and stay up late. These fun activities can help you pass the time productively.


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