11 Dessert Recipes that Will Transport You to Israel

Missing Eretz Yisrael? These sweet treats will help transport you, without ever having to hop on a plane.

  1. Baklava: This sweet pastry is sold in both Jewish and Arab markets, and comes in a multitude of varieties.
  2. Chocolate Babka: This babka is so easy, baking it almost feels like cheating. Says Chef Michael Solomonov, "I have a hard time not eating it as it comes out of the oven."
  3. Chocolate BallsThese creamy, crunchy chocolate balls are easy to make and fun to eat. Coat them in coconut, sprinkles, or both!
  4. Homemade BambaThe staff of a Reform Jewish summer camp teaches you how to make a delicious version of this poppable, Israeli snack right in your home.
  5. Israeli Birthday Cake: Every birthday deserves a great cake. This iconic, cocoa-based, richly iced cake fits the bill.
  7. Israeli Chocolate Spread: Chocolate spread permeates Israeli meals and is even packed in army supply kits.
  8. Kichlach: These popular cookies are found in many of the packages prepared by parents for their children serving in the Israeli military.
  9. Poppy Seed Cake with Blueberries and Labneh: The earthy fruitiness of poppy seeds makes them shine in recipes both sweet and savory.
  10. Techina CookiesTechina (tahini) is a staple found in most Israeli kitchens.
  11. Turkish Coffee Ice Cream: The perfect balance of bitter and sweet, this ice cream uses Turkish-style coffee and a bit of cardamom to add Arabic flavor.

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