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The author and a friend in a Jerusalem park on Shabbat

On a recent Shabbat, I spent the time with friends in the park. Within a few steps of our blanket, we watched people from every corner of Jerusalem spend the afternoon.

Side view of a standing woman holding an open prayerbook

Why pray to a silent God who is not looking down at us and waiting to hear what we want or legitimately need?

Young child sitting on an adults lap while looking at a laptop screen as if watching videos together

How can you, as a parent, also infuse this time of year with meaning and with the Jewish values that are important to you?

A group of adults eating/drinking in a restaurant or someone's home

When we were new to our synagogue, it was forming chavurah groups. As soon as I discovered one would be for members with b’nei-mitzvah-aged children, we joined up.