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The author stands behind a wooden podium in front of an AVODAH sign

“As a Jewish woman of Color…” is how I begin most conversations these days.

Because of my intersectional identity, I am in both predominantly Jewish and Black spaces quite often and find myself having to explain my Jewish identity to both...

Two people holding hands over mugs of coffee

Fifteen years ago, I met evil personified: I was on bus #14 in Jerusalem when an 18-year-old terrorist, strapped with explosives, boarded my bus and detonated them.

Woman wearing a blanket and working on a laptop computer while sitting on a couch

My fascination with the story of the Jewish people and my partner’s strong connection to her Jewish identity motivated me to take an online Introduction to Judaism class.

Woman holding Torah scroll open with left hand, pointing at text with yad in right hand

Becoming a bat mitzvah as an adult was one of the high points in my life; I felt proud to be Jewish in a way I had never previously experienced.