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Ask Tina: Adding garlic?

Q: What is the best way to add garlic to a dish?

A:  Garlic Guidlines:

  • Raw garlic, when added to a marinade can be added chopped or smashed with peel removed. Whole garlic cloves will not impart a strong flavor if the interior of the clove is not exposed to the liquid.
  • When sautéing garlic add the chopped garlic to the pan after you have sautéed onions until golden.
  • For Asian cooking, garlic is added to oil in a pan and stir fried for 10-20 seconds. This imparts the garlic flavor to the oil which will then evenly disperse throughout the cooked dish.
  • Whenever you add garlic, never allow it to get dark or burn; this will impart a bitter taste to the food.


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