Adam Grossman

Remember: Do Not Forget!

D'Var Torah By: Audrey R. Korotkin

I do a lot of reading in my line of work, and I often cringe when I come upon an oxymoron. Two people want to be "alone together." Someone is forced to make the "only choice." A retiree is being given a "farewell reception." Sometimes the phrase, an inherent contradiction...

L’dor Vador

D'Var Torah By: Kristine Garroway, Ph.D

From the time of the wilderness wanderings, the Levites formed an important part of the Israelite socio-economic structure. In Numbers 8:18-19 we learn not only that God "take(s) the Levites instead of every first-born among the Israelites," but that God "assign(s) the Levites to Aaron and his sons, to perform...