Audrey Merwin

Audrey Merwin is a former member of the Union for Reform Judaism’s communication team, serving as the longtime editor of Reform Voices of Torah, the Monday edition of Ten Minutes of Torah. She sings in the United Synagogue of Hoboken choir, leads services, and teaches in the synagogue’s learning center. 

How Can We Strengthen Ourselves If God Seems Hidden?

D'Var Torah By: Cantor David Berger

The Torah reading for this intermediate Shabbat of Passover, Chol HaMo-eid Pesach (Ex. 33:12-34:26), starts after the story of the Golden Calf. Moses, keenly aware of the failure in leadership that led to this disaster, reasonably asks for God’s help and direction. But then, he follows up with something truly extraordinary: Moses asks to actually see God, saying, "Oh, let me behold Your Presence!"

High Holiday Lessons from ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Audrey Merwin

Recuperating from a broken ankle this summer, I had time to catch up on my binge streaming. One of my current favorites is the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, which began streaming its seventh and final season on July 26.