Benny Witkovsky

End Workplace Discrimination: Call Your Senator for LGBT Equality

Benny Witkovsky
July 9, 2013

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act faces its first Senate Committee markup on the morning of Wednesday, July 10. Read to learn more about ENDA and the fight against anti-LGBT workplace discrimination, and then join the Religious Action Center's Call-In Campaign for ENDA - text "ENDAnow" to 877-877 to receive text instructions and updates on the bill, or dial 1-888-897-0174 to connect directly. 

Teach Your Children Well: The Boy Scouts and Bullying in Schools

Benny Witkovsky
April 19, 2013

The Boys Scouts of America (BSA) has long been an example of a concerning environment. Despite the camaraderie, the character building and the training Boy Scout troops offer to America’s youth, they have long refused to admit gay and transgender people as scouts and scout leaders. The Reform Movement has consistently spoken out against this policy, urging all of our congregations to break their ties with the BSA in 2001However this unjust policy may soon be changing.

Vassar College Powerfully Responds to the Westboro Baptist Church

Benny Witkovsky
February 20, 2013
Early last week the Westboro Baptist Church, which has made its mark by spreading a message of hate toward the LGBT community at schools, churches and even soldiers’ funerals, announced its intentions to protest at Vassar on February 28th. The WBC’s statement not only made clear their opposition to Vassar’s acceptance of LGBT students, but also derided its academic pursuits and insulted its history as a woman’s college. All things that I, as a Vassar alum, am proud of.

Super Bowl May Be Largest Human Trafficking Event in U.S.

Benny Witkovsky
February 6, 2013
Unfortunately the Super Bowl, the flagship of America’s pastime, has become marred by some of the worst aspects of American society. According to leading advocates and law enforcement agencies, the Super Bowl brings with it some of the largest sex trafficking operations in the country.