Cantor Abbe Lyons

<p><strong>Cantor Abbe Lyons</strong> is currently working&nbsp;via videoconference with children and adults of all ages, including college undergraduates, rabbinic students and cantorial students, through <a href="">Congregation Tikkun v'Or</a>, Hillel at Ithaca College, Hillel at Binghamton, and <a href="">ALEPH</a&gt;. She also facilitates <a href="… Torah</a>, a dynamic group midrash process.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Cantor Lyons is an innovative liturgist whose published work includes poetry, alternative social justice haftarot, and music, including the album <em>Listen! </em>with her multifaith band, Resonate.&nbsp;</p>

Quarantine: A Poetic Interpretation of Leviticus 13

Cantor Abbe Lyons
March 23, 2020

As quarantines and lockdowns spread, the descriptions of tzara-at in Leviticus 13 (Parashat Tazria-M'tzora) come to mind. Tzara-at refers to a scaly skin affliction that caused people to sent "outside of the camp" into quarantine so they wouldn't spread tzara-at to others.