Charles A. Kroloff

Victim and Perpetrator - Reflecting on Our Role

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Reuven Firestone

July 25, 2016
This week's Torah portion, D'varim, occurs this year as it often does, on Erev Tishah B'Av — the ninth day of the month of Av. While not observed in many Reform communities, it is a day on which Jews throughout the world commemorate collectively all the tragedies experienced by our people. It was on this day, according to tradition, that both of our ancient, sacred Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed, the first by the Babylonian Empire in 586 BCE, the second by the Roman Empire in 70 CE. Many more horrific acts committed against Jews have been associated with this date as well.

Does God Have a Plan for You?

D'Var Torah By: Charles A. Kroloff

November 7, 2013
After receiving bad news or experiencing a tragic event, people will sometimes respond with the words, "It's God's will." There's even a Yiddish phrase that captures the idea, "It's bashert," meaning it was meant to be. What is your reaction to such a response?

Never Too Old to Cry

D'Var Torah By: Charles A. Kroloff

October 29, 2013
Many years ago, a man in my synagogue died suddenly. It was my duty to break the news to his young family, including Rebekka, age seven, and Josh, age fifteen. Rebekka stomped her feet, cried out, "No, no", and sobbed.