Deborah Goldberg

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Deborah Goldberg (she/her) is the former director of communications for the Union for Reform Judaism.

High Holidays 2020/5781: Tools to Make Them Meaningful

Deborah Goldberg

As we approach the most unusual High Holidays in recent memory, is here to help you find ways to observe, celebrate or commemorate the holiday season that work best for you. Here are some helpful tips.

1. Find streaming services.

2020 may

How Legos Turned Into a New Jewish Tradition for My Family

Deborah Goldberg

I consider myself a dedicated yet anxious Jewish mom. I’m dedicated because I would like my children to have a Jewish upbringing that connects them to our collective stories, history, and values – and I’m anxious because I’m never quite sure whether I’m accomplishing that goal.

How Wholesome is the Super Bowl?

Deborah Goldberg

So how will I talk about these values with my sons amid all the shiny confetti, slick commercials, rousing music, and fun snacks? Simply put, the Super Bowl compromises my Jewish values, and I want to pass those values along to my kids.