Edmon J. Rodman

Edmon J. Rodman is a JTA columnist who writes on Jewish life from Los Angeles. Contact him at edmojace@gmail.com.

An SOS from my OS seder

Edmon J. Rodman

At future Passovers, if we consider the Jewish implications of the recent hit movie Her, we all could be using a talking computer operating system with artificial intelligence to lead our seders.

But I can't wait that long.

Tired of running my own seders -

On Purim, Answering to a Higher Grogger

Edmon J. Rodman

When in a popular Purim song we sing “Hava narishah-rash, rash, rash,” “Wind your noisemakers,” all that "rashing" does momentarily make the darkness go away. But in what direction do we turn as we step into the light?

It’s not that the sound is supposed to