9/11: No Ordinary Day

September 11, 2013

Walking the dozen blocks to work through Manhattan, there was an eerie quiet on the street. Even the kids bounding to P.S. 116, the nearby public school, seemed subdued… or maybe it was just in my mind. 

Overnight, an enormous American flag was hung in the

#BlogElul 2013: Who’s In?

August 2, 2013

Although we’re barely into the dog days of August, the High Holidays are fast approaching. The first of Elul, the Hebrew month that precedes Tishrei and the start of Rosh HaShanah, begins at sundown this Tuesday, which means that Wednesday, August 7th is the

Who Wants to Marry a Jew, Anyway?

May 29, 2013

The title of a recent JTA article asks these two questions:

  1. Why do Jews intermarry?
  2. Who wants to marry a Jew, anyway?

The answer to the first question has been studied extensively and, according to the article has much to do with assimilation, age