Jessica Rosenthal

Emor: Words for the Next Generation

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Richard N. Levy

April 23, 2015
When the Rabbis divided the Torah into its 54 parashiyot (portions), they generally arranged for each portion to begin with a unique or otherwise significant word that would in some way summarize major themes of the entire section. Such is the case for most of the portions we have studied...

What Would Moses Say?

D'Var Torah By: Robert Tornberg

April 7, 2014
In the Babylonian Talmud (M'nachot 29b) there is a wonderful midrash1 in which Moses is depicted as watching God sitting and writing crowns (embellishments that look a bit like crowns) on some of the letters in the Torah. Moses asked God why the Holy One was doing this. God responded...