Julia Knobloch

Julia Knobloch is a trained journalist. Before joining the Union for Reform Judaism as executive assistant and project manager, she worked as a translator, educator, and a writer and producer for documentaries. She lives in Brooklyn.

Hester Street: A Poem

Julia Knobloch
February 20, 2019

Inspired by this week’s Torah portion, this poem plays on the idea of hester panim (the hidden face of God) and the name Esther, a key figure in the holiday of Purim.

Sh'ma: A Poem

Julia Knobloch
February 6, 2018

Say it when the priests go eat the sacrifice.
Say it when the stars appear.
Say it until midnight.
Say it before dawn.
Say it in the morning light.
Say it when you rise, when you lie down,
in the desert, in walled cities,
in your house and on the road.


Oy, My German Accent!

Julia Knobloch
January 31, 2017

When people hear my accent, some treat me with the patronizing friendliness they might apply toward people they don’t take seriously. One person even said, “Get out of here.”