Laura Novak Winer

Learning How to Say “Sorry”

D'Var Torah By: Joseph A. Skloot

June 6, 2016
"It's not my fault!" We've all said it. It's rarely easy to accept responsibility for the mistakes we make or damage we cause. Sometimes we know instantly we've done something wrong; sometimes it takes time for us to realize the extent of our mistake. But even after that realization, it's always painful to say, "I'm sorry."

God and Home Improvement

D'Var Torah By: Laura Novak Winer

September 7, 2012
Focal PointAnd let them make Me a sanctuary [mikdash] that I may dwell among them. Exactly as I show you—the pattern of the Tabernacle [Mishkan] and the pattern of all its furnishings—so shall you make it. (Exodus 25:8–9)You shall make a lampstand [m’norah] of pure gold. . .