Lisa Edwards

C'mon, Baby, Light My Fire!

March 20, 2015
A rabbi is invited to spend a weekend at a synagogue he'd served years earlier. Running into Goldberg, who'd been on the synagogue's board of trustees back then, the rabbi was surprised to learn that his old friend wasn't spending much time at temple anymore: He asked, "Goldberg, what happened...

Chazak, Chazak, V'nitchazeik

D'Var Torah By: Lisa Edwards

June 19, 2013
Here in the week of the Fourth of July, we come to the end of this year's reading of B'midbar with a double portion, Matot/Mas-ei.

Evolving Justice

D'Var Torah By: Lisa Edwards

June 10, 2013
I was recently called to jury service in Los Angeles. As imperfect as this complicated, human system of law may be, the jury selection made me proud to be an American, especially as the judge instructed the potential jurors about the meaning of “presumed innocent.” At the beginning of jury...

What Are You Looking at But Not Seeing?

D'Var Torah By: Lisa Edwards

May 21, 2013
It’s June – the month famous for weddings and for gay pride parades all over the world. June was chosen for “pride” events to commemorate the June 1969 riot at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village – a significant milestone in the gay liberation...

The Gift of Grief

D'Var Torah By: Lisa Edwards

May 16, 2013
In an almost imperceptible yet seismic shift, this week’s Parshat Chukat jumps us a few decades ahead in the wilderness journey of the Israelites. Maybe we need a movie screen caption that reads, “thirty-eight years later.” Perhaps the time shift is difficult to notice because not much else has changed...