Neal Katz

We All Will Die, But We Must Be Grateful

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Reuven Firestone

Sukkot is known in Rabbinic tradition as the "Festival of Our Joy" (Z'man Simchateinu, a name that derives from Leviticus 23:40: "You shall rejoice before the Eternal your God seven days"). Sukkot is the only festival for which the command to rejoice is given. It is a commandment — a mitzvah: us'mach'tem — "be happy!"

Leadership and Letting Go

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Dr. Edwin C. Goldberg

Can you say chutzpah? How about arrogance? Or is ignorance a more appropriate word for people behaving badly? When I served a congregation in Hollywood, I met many performers who were both prominent and very fine human beings.