Rabbi Bonnie Margulis

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis is the president of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice, which is a founding member organization of the Dane Sanctuary Coalition in Dane County, Wisconsin. She is also the Chair of the Wisconsin Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, a former member of the Commission on Social Action, and a former RAC LA. 

Ensuring the Success or Failure of Dreams

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce, Ph.D.

Reading Parashat Vayeishev and other dream-filled portions in Genesis, we wonder if it’s possible to influence a dream’s prophecy rather than passively waiting for the outcome to unfold. The upcoming holiday, Hanukkah, provides a clue.

The First Woman Rabbi

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis

Years ago, as an undergraduate at NYU, I was working on my senior honors thesis, “On the Ordination of Women as Rabbis.” It had been only 11 years since the first woman was ordained, but it was more than half a lifetime ago for me, and so seemed a very long...