Rabbi Debra Landsberg

Public Officials Need To Be Honest and Appear Honest

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Stephanie M. Alexander

Parshiyot Vayak’heil and P’kudei each cover the many details of the building of the Tabernacle. But the first blueprint is found in Parashat T’rumah , when Moses receives the instructions for how to build the Tabernacle. Now, in Vayak’heil , construction finally begins, and we hear the instructions again. Then in P'kudei, where Moses gives an accounting, there’s still another itemization of every component used to build the Tabernacle.

Parashah R'eih: Making Sacred Food Choices

Rabbi Debra Landsberg

A b’rachah (blessing) isn’t enough. Anytime we delve into Torah study, we need more than the b’rachah over study; we need words of strength to brace ourselves, as we engage in Torah’s complexity.

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