Rabbi Douglas Sagal

Rabbi Douglas Sagal is the senior rabbi at Temple Emanu-El in Westfield, NJ.

Determining if Aaron Really Is a Man of Peace

D'Var Torah By: Dr. Ruhama Weiss, Ph.D.

In most biblical traditions, Aaron is portrayed as a supporting actor in the great performances of God and Moses. The biblical character of Aaron lacks outstanding characteristics, and this invites those who study the Torah to offer unique personality traits that are so noticeably absent from the story.

Why I Wear Converse Sneakers on Yom Kippur

Rabbi Douglas Sagal

When people ask me what prompted me to become a rabbi, I often tell them about my love of Jewish learning, or Israel, or a desire to help, or some such noble pursuit. The truth is, what really prompted me to become a rabbi was Chuck Taylor sneakers.