Rabbi Ilana Schachter

Rabbi Ilana Schachter

Rabbi Ilana Schachter (she/her) serves as Associate Rabbi of Temple Sinai of Roslyn in New York. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature and Judaic Studies from Brown University, and a MAHL as well as rabbinic ordination from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. Ilana resides in Roslyn with her husband and their two children.

What Female Scribes Can Teach Us about Transmitting Torah This Shavuot

Rabbi Ilana Schachter
May 26, 2022
I first inquired about becoming a soferet in my first year of rabbinical school in Jerusalem. I had come into rabbinical school with the technical expertise of a printmaker and a bookmaker, and I was eager to immerse myself in all things Torah, including its physical creation. Unfortunately, even in 2008, I could not find a sofer in Jerusalem who would train a woman.

If You Missed It the First Time

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Vered L. Harris

May 19, 2017
In Numbers 9:7 some people who cannot offer the Passover sacrifice at its set time approach Moses saying what amounts to, “We want to bring a sanctified offering to God. It isn’t fair that we are not allowed to do it.” God's answer is that they can still participate, but a month later on a day called Pesach Sheini – the Second Passover.