Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser

Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser is the rabbi of Temple Sinai in Cranston, RI; he previously served Temple Beit HaYam in Stuart, FL. He blogs at Reb Jeff.

Who Is the Supporting Cast in the Story of Your Life?

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Dan Moskovitz

I am a rabbi because of a game of catch I played at camp with a rabbi more than three times my age. ... Others people who have changed my direction are like supporting actors in my life. ... In Parashat Vayeishev, Joseph goes out searching for his brothers who are supposed to be in the field tending the flock. ... Along the way he meets a man whose name we never know: The Torah refers to him simply as ha-ish, ”the man” who saw Joseph wandering in the field ( Gen. 37:15).

A Day in the Life of a Rabbi: Nine Students, a Baby, and a Wedding

Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser
Not every day in the life of a rabbi is as busy as today was for me, but days like this one remind me why I love my job. The day included teaching in our congregation’s religious school, leading the conversion of a six-month-old baby, participating in an interfaith dialogue group, and officiating at a wedding.

How Marriage Makes Us Who We Were Meant to Be

Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser
I think this is why people like weddings so much. Each wedding has a bit of an “other-worldly” quality. Watching two people come together, we believe in the possibility of new beginnings.

What is Shushan Purim?

Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser
Shushan Purim is a unique day in the cycle of Jewish holidays. Purim is the only holiday whose date depends on where you happen to celebrate it. For most of the world, Purim occurs on the 14th of Adar. However, if you happen to reside in Jerusalem or the city of Shushan (where the story of Purim took place) Purim is on the 15th of Adar. Therefore, the observance is called "Shushan Purim."