Rabbi Joseph R. Black

Rabbi Joseph R. Black is the senior rabbi of Temple Emanuel in Denver, CO. He blogs at The Blog of Rabbi Joe Black.

Prayer in a Time of Coronavirus

Rabbi Joseph R. Black

"Eternal One: Bless all who come to this sacred place. Keep them healthy. Give them strength to find ways to safeguard our State and protect the lives and livelihoods of every one of its citizens."

Facing Our Faults on the Other Side of the River

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Dan Moskovitz

The stories in Genesis are heavy with human experience; they turn on every conceivable emotion, and life and relationship challenge. In this way, Torah in general, and the Book of Genesis in particular, provide a spiritual mirror that reflects back to us our best, and sometimes most disappointing selves. ...In Jacob, who, in this week’s Torah portion, Vayishlach , wrestled with the night messenger, we see ourselves struggling with great challenges that bring pain, but from which we might extract blessing.

Leaving the Desert

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Joseph R. Black

The other evening I was checking my e-mail when an "instant message" from a friend in New York popped up on the screen. A few seconds later the telephone rang: It was a friend in Minnesota. Soon after, I received another "instant message" from a colleague in California.