Rabbi Laura Geller

Rabbi Laura Geller is Senior Rabbi at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, CA.

In Place of God? In God’s Place?

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Dr. Edwin C. Goldberg

After a natural calamity or terrorist attack an understandable question presents itself: Where is God in all this? We've seen the evil that people can do, and we've seen the spirit of sacrifice and service in firefighters, emergency workers, police officers, and ordinary citizens.

The Holiness of Wholeness - And of Brokenness

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Laura Geller

This week's Torah portion contains one of the most dramatic events in the entire Torah, the incident of the Golden Calf. Moses has been on Mount Sinai for a very long time, too long for those Israelites who still carry Egypt in their hearts to wait.

The End is Also the Turning Point

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Laura Geller

Mikeitz, at the end, is the turning point, the beginning of the end of the Joseph story. Joseph has spent two years in prison invisible and forgotten.

Mourning a Marriage

Rabbi Laura Geller
" When a man divorces the wife of his youth, even the altar of God sheds tears." (Gittin 90b)

The Law of the Sabbatical Year

D'Var Torah By: Dr. Carol Ochs

What does it mean to lie fallow? How do we distinguish fallowness from sterility? What will nourish us during this time of no creativity? When will we bloom again?