Rabbi Richard N. Levy

Rabbi Richard N. Levy, z"l , was the Rabbi of the Campus Synagogue and Director of Spiritual Growth and was immediate past Director of the School of Rabbinic Studies at the Los Angeles campus of the Hebrew Union College. He was a past president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, in which post he shepherded the creation of the Statement of Principles for Reform Judaism in 1999, which is the subject of his book, A Vision of Holiness: The Future of Reform Judaism, published by the URJ Press in 2005. He was the editor of On Wings of Awe, a High Holyday prayerbook, re-issued in a revised edition in 2012; On Wings of Freedom, a Passover Haggadah; and On Wings of Light, a Shabbat evening prayerbook. His most recent book, Songs Ascending: The Book of Psalms in a New Translation with Textual and Spiritual Commentary, was published from CCAR Press in 2018. 

In Which the People and the Land Are Redeemed

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Richard N. Levy

As we have made our way through the Book of Leviticus, we have often noted how boundaries have been crossed—between the inside and outside of the body in issues of tzaraat ("leprosy"); between the clothing of the priest and the furniture of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle; between proper offerings of

Emor: Words for the Next Generation

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Richard N. Levy

When the Rabbis divided the Torah into its 54 parashiyot (portions), they generally arranged for each portion to begin with a unique or otherwise significant word that would in some way summarize major themes of the entire section.

Being Holy - and Staying Alive

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Richard N. Levy

Acharei Mot, the first of this week's two parashiyot, begins on an unsettling note—a reminder of the death of Aaron's sons and the suggestion that such tragedies might occur again unless the priests take specified steps to prevent them