Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Rabbi Sarah Bassin is the associate rabbi at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills and former executive director and board member of NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change.

Can We Have a Relationship with God?

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Sarah Bassin

In Ki Tisa, Moses, begs God to let him understand the Divine. And yet, we see Moses as having more access to God than any other man. If Moses cannot comprehend God, how can we hope to understand God’s ways?

High Moral Standards for Our Leaders, and Ourselves

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Sarah Bassin

We hold our leaders in government, sports, entertainment, and religion to high standards both in performing their duties and in exhibiting good behavior. But is it right for us to scrutinize their behavior outside their realms of responsibility? Parashat T’tzaveh says, “yes.”

The Limits of Communication

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Parashat T’rumah provides precise instructions on how to build the Mishkan and its contents. But those guidelines, like the design for the Temple menorah, have been interpreted in various ways throughout the ages. What does this teach us about the nature of communication?

Learning from the Imperfection of Religion

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Parashat Mishpatim offers a myriad of rules to guide us in how to treat other individuals and nations. It makes us wonder: Why is it easier to think and behave humanely when we consider individuals rather than nations?

Encounters That Can Make Us Become Better Jews

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Jews are good at nostalgia. We remember with fondness the tenements of the Lower East Side when our community was tight knit and intact. We remember the quaintness of shtetl life untouched by outsiders.